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Jl. Diponegoro no.73 lantai 2 Ajendam Rt.005 Rw.007
Kel. Gurabesi
Kec. Jayapura Utara Kota Jayapura.
Tel.(0967) 531342

In delivering the services we have professional consultant and expertise dedicated to its profession in human resources. All consultants are having excellent and proven technical qualification and industry experience in delivering service to private corporations or government agencies. We are able to provide organization with a dependable workforce which shall include :

Recruitment and Psychological Assessment

Recruitment and Psychological Assessment are the core competence of pt Sdm. By using this services, the clients will release some of time consuming works, i.e sourcing candidates, administrative selection, interviewing candidates etc. Our recruitment consultant will discuss and propose sourcing strategies, selection method and interviews and submit only shortlisted candidates to be selected by client.

Recruitment Process Administration Service may also be used for a long term service contract to assist the client continuously in administering the recruitment activities and process for a period of time. Some of the service may include but not limited to sourcing system, campaign and school visits, and on line application, etc.


HRM Consultancy

hrm consultancy services

pt Sdm. also provides assistances to organization to establish and implement HR Policies Handbook that consists of process and procedures, Company Rules & Regulation in accordance with Government Regulation.

pt Sdm. may also extend its services in assisting the new established organization by seconded a full time consultant of HR practitioner to deliver a complete and integrated solution to meet company needs in developing Human Resource system, procedures and implementation.

pt Sdm. Consultants can assist your organization to review or develop salary and benefit structure, job specification and job description, performance appraisal system and procedures etc.


Manpower Management

The management of manpower becomes a challenge over the market downturn during the past ten year pt Sdm provides a reliable and comprehensive pakage of services to client which shall include sourcing manpower and recruitment, selection process, orientation and record, payroll and benefits administration, industrial relation handling etc

Meeting Survey

Security management

Along with the increasingly tough business competition, every company tries to provide the best products and services to win their customers. For this purpose, every company tries hard to improve various aspects such as quality human resource development through training, effective HR management, which includes the integrated security management system improvement, etc. Security management system becomes more important to ensure the safety of company’s assets, and their premises. However, not all companies are able to manage their own security management and therefore they prefer to hires the third party, so they can focus on their core business. Siaga Mandiri is a division of pt Sdm that provides Security Management Service with a commitment to: Provide quality service to customer by constantly increasing alertness and ability to protect the company’s assets and premises. Uphold discipline and be responsible for each task

the benefits of using our security management service

Hassle free of recruitment process,
Cost and time saving
Flexible to suit your needs and fast delivery,
Minimum industrial relations cases:
action and other issues
, Minimum administration headaches:
payroll and admininistration proces Other matters related to manpower.


Customer Service Provider

Most organizations acknowledge that beside price and quality of the product, quality services are the key success components to a company who wants to win the global tight competition and an important element to capture and maintain the loyal customer who will fight before they switch to other product and who will proactively refer people to buy from you. Hence, providing a quality customer services to maintain loyal customers is a must, it needs a full commitment and efforts from all stakeholders, both management and employees.

pt Sdm has the experience and capability to assist companies to provide the Customer Services by providing reliable and capable personel in handling the services.

Some of the positions that the company may consider as it related to customer handling i.e telephone operator, receptionist, call center, information desk, lady greater, etc.

general office support and secretarial services

Various general office support services i.e filing, secretarial, administration, mailing room, office support service, drivers, and other similar administrative support job are the services that the clients may want pt Sdm to handle in order to improve your organization effectivenes and focus to your core business toward though global competitiveness. The train and capable personnel will be assigned to handle all your needs.

Worker Worker Worker

transportation and distribution support services

Transportation and distribution support services, is another service that pt Sdm provides to assist clients in distribution and logistic. The services shall include provision of qualified, capable and reliable drivers, forklift driver with license, pick packer, merchandiser and other related non-core job. The services may be in the form of join operation which the client provides all infrastructure and software, while pt Sdm provides the personnel and hard skill to perform the job.


Sales promotion

Sales Promotion Girl, or well known as SPG is a personel that needs by companies to promote their new products, or to boost the sales volume of the company’s product. Sales person/ SPG becomes more important to the company as they represent the company and directly deal/ communicate with potential consumer or existing consumer. Therefore, it is necessary for SPG’s to have a good understanding on products to be offerred. SPG personnel is generally required in a large number, but not all companies require them throughout the year due to the promotion efforts are needed in a particular time/event. Considering the needs of SPG in each company are fluctuated and most companies doesnt have their own SPG , therefore they prefer to work with a third party or agency that can provide SPG who can fulfill their needs and expectation.

To ensure our quality service in providing SPG, we supported by reliable human resources and professionals from various background. We have a group of staff who recruit and continuesly monitor our SPG to ensure their performance and fulfill the targets. Currently we have a large number of SPG personnel in certain areas in Indonesia to offer and market our clients’ product.

The benefits of our Sales Promotion Service are among others but not limited to:

Lessen complexity of administration and employee selection
Time saving and competitive price
Flexible and fast personnel fulfillment
Support the company to reduce the complexity in employee’s payroll and overtime process
Support another matter related to manpower.

To guarantee our client’s satisfaction, we commit to ensure that:

Quality of our SPGs complies with the client’s needs
Our SPGs understand the products which our clients want to sell/ market
Replacement will be provided if our SPGs are not appropriate with our client’s requirements.

Our clients are located in DKI Jakarta , West Java, Central Java, and East Java.

Sales Promotion Girls